NST INOX Pickling Spray


NST INOX Pickling Spray

• For all types of corrosion resistant materials
• Short reaction time
• Slow dry-out process
• Easy removal
• Can be applied to moderately hot materials (<40ºC)

Artikelnummer: 804120

General description:

NST Pickling Spray is used for recreating a perfect corrosion resistant surface on stainless steels. Removes surface contamination like welding oxides and corrosion products. The spray is best suited for treatment of larger surfaces. For treating smaller areas use NST Pickling Paste. For optimal results avoid direct heat/sunlight during application as this will dry out the pickling spray and reduce its effect. A water jet is recommended for residue removal shortly after the pickling process. This product is toxic and has a strong caustic effect. For use in ventilated surroundings with prescribed protective equipment. Please observe the hazard and safety advice on container label.

Reaction time (20°C):

AISI 316L: 60 min.
SAF 2205(Duplex): 180 min.


2-4 m²/pr.kg.

Packaging information:

20kg can / Pallet 36 cans.


NST Inox Pickling Spray
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