NST E 316L small

NST E 316L

Rutile electrode for welding stainless 316 steels.

AWS A5.4: E 316L-17
EN ISO 3581-A: E 19 12 3 LR 12

General description:

NST E 316L is an austenitic rutile, low carbon electrode for welding non-stabilised and stabilised stainless steels. Resistant to inter-granular corrosion up to 350°C, resistant to oxidation up to 800°C, and good low-temperature ductility down to -120°C. Excellent welding properties in all welding positions, except vertical down (PG). Also suitable for 304 steels.

This product is also available in a premium vacuum-pack, with smart 2-in-1 packaging.

Typical chemical composition of all-weld-metal:


Mechanical properties of all-weld-metal:

Min.320 MpaMin.510 MpaMin.30 %Min.47V(J)/+20ºC

Packaging information:

2,0 x 300, 1,7kg pack, box 10,2kg -ArticleNo.:7520200
2,5 x 300, 1,7kg pack, box 10,2kg -ArticleNo.:7520250
3,2 x 350, 2,1kg pack, box 12,6kg -ArticleNo.:7520325
4,0 x 350, 2,2kg pack, box 13,2kg -ArticleNo.:7520400
Premium Vacuum Pack SuperDry 2-in-1:
2,0 x 300, 1,8kg(2 x 0,9kg) pack, box 16,2kg -ArticleNo.:7530200
2,5 x 300, 1,6kg(2 x 0,8kg) pack, box 14,4kg -ArticleNo.:7530250
3,2 x 350, 1,6kg(2 x 0,8kg) pack, box 16,0kg -ArticleNo.:7530325
4,0 x 350, 1,0kg(2 x 0,5kg) pack, box 10,0kg -ArticleNo.:7530400




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