NST 309LT small


Flux cored wire mainly for flat position and fillet welding of corrosion resistant materials against carbon steels and for cladding carbon steels.

AWS: A5.22 -95 : E309LT 0-4
EN ISO 17633-A: T 23 12 L R M3
EN ISO 9606-1: FM5

General description:

NST 309LT is a rutile flux cored wire for flat position (PA) and fillet welding (PB and PC) of corrosion resistant materials such as AISI 304 etc. against carbon steel. The flux cored wire uses an Argon/CO2 mixed shielding gas. This ensures a user friendly and stable welding arc, less spatter, good visual bead appearance and smooth transition to the parent materials. NST 309LT has a slag freezing system which is slightly slower than wires designed for positional welding. This makes this wire suitable for flat position and fillet welds. It is also suitable for use with ceramic backing for single sided welding. The wire’s composition ensures weld metal equivalent AISI 304 in the first layer of the cladding process.

Typical chemical composition of all-weld-metal:


Typical mechanical properties of all-weld-metal:

425 Mpa550 Mpa36 %

Packaging information:

1,2mm x 12,5kg spool D300 -ArticleNo.:62110




NST 309LT, English, 06.02.2018.