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Lagerung und Handhabung – Niedriglegierte Fülldrähte

Seamless flux and metal cored wires.

NST and NSWE (formerly known as NSSW and Nittetsu) seamless flux and metal cored wires are manufactured in a manner which provides wires with no open seams, preventing moisture from penetrating the wire. NST/NSWE seamless wires provides the customer with a product that has a guaranteed low hydrogen control (the only point of ingress for moisture is at the start and end of the wire). The seamless manufacturing process has the additional benefit of enabling the wire to be copper coated, this provides extended shelf life due to rust prevention.

Method of storage:

To ensure the wire is used at its optimum the following guidelines should be observed: • Welding materials shall be stored inside, away from rain, snow and dew.
• Welding materials should be stored off the floor, preferably on wooden pallets which enable air circulation to take place (10cm off the floor, and 10cm off the wall).
• It is recommended to store materials places where the temperature is below 35°C and the relative humidity is less
than 80%. However, the product can still be used after storing above 35°C/80% humidity -if the following requirements are met:
a) No physical or chemical changes are observed on the exterior wire surface. For example rust, discoloration etc.
b) No deterioration phenomenons are observed in welding usability.
• Environments where rusting tends to occur due to sea breeze, SO2 etc., should be avoided. • A plan should be devised to use materials on a first in, first out basis.
• The packing shipped from the manufacturer must be kept as it is until just before use.

Storage period - quality guarantee period:

The quality guarantee period of seamless flux cored wire shall be for 36 months after production as long as they have been stored under the conditions specified in “method of storage” above. However, products can be used even after the lapse of the above mentioned period if no physical or chemical changes such as rusting, discoloration etc. are observed on the surface of the wires.


The original packaging must be kept as it is until the wire is used. NST/NSWE can not specify the period of usage after unpacking since the users storage conditions can differ greatly. If any discoloration or rust is found prior to usage, please discard the discolored/rusted part of the wire.

Hydrogen levels:

As part of the manufacturing process hydrogen measurements are taken of all NST and NSWE seamless flux cored seamless wires (this data is available on the wire batch certificate).


Storage and handling,
Seamless flux and metal cored wires.
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