Lastifil 41 small

Lastifil 41

Solid wire for welding cast iron

EN ISO 1071 : S C NiFe-1
AWS A5.15 : E NiFe-CI

General description:

Lastifil 41 is a Ni-Fe wire used for welding cast iron and ductile iron. The wire is used for a range of repair and fabrication applications involving cast iron and ductile iron. The wire is also suitable for dissimilar joints between cast iron and mild, low alloy and stainless steels.

Typical applications:

Applications include tanks and vessels, process pipework and heat exchangers, in chemical plants for salt production, chlorination and evaporation of caustic soda. Also used for handling corrosive alkalis and halides. Repair and rebuilding of standard grades of grey cast irons and malleable cast irons. Machine bases, pump bodies, transmission housings, gears.
Hardness : 200HB

Typical chemical composition of all-weld-metal:


Typical mechanical properties of all-weld-metal:

≥230 Mpa≥400 Mpa≥24 %


Keep base material hand warm: do not exceed 100°C . Short runs and peen the deposit in order to stress relieve

Packaging information:

1,2mm x 15,0kg spool -ArticleNo.:941.12

Other dimensions and packaging on request.


Lastek Lastifil 41
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