Lastifil 41G small

Lastifil 41G

Flux cored wire for welding cast iron

EN ISO 1071 (T C NiFe T3-Cl)

General description:

Lastifil 41G is a flux cored wire specifically designed for welding of grey and nodular cast iron and for joining cast iron to steel and to other metals. Using Lastfil 41G can yield important benefits in time for applications where large areas must be rebuilt (although all precautions for welding cast iron need to be respected). There is practically no slag, which makes the wire very interesting for multiple layer build-up welding. The deposit is porosity free, even after several layers.
Hardness: 140 – 160 HB

Typical applications:

Build-up of dies in automotive plants, rebuilding of coke oven doors, repair of foundry defects, repair of cast iron pumps and blowers. Joining steel flanges to cast iron pipes (waste water).

Typical chemical composition of all-weld-metal:


Typical mechanical properties of all-weld-metal:

≥320 Mpa≥500 Mpa≥20 %


Solid cast iron parts need to be preheated (80 – 120°C). Use push welding (+/- 20 mm stickout). A very thin slag layer could jump away when cooling down. Wear goggles to protect your eyes.

Packaging information:

1,2mm x 15,0kg spool -ArticleNo.:4112

Other dimensions and packaging on request.


Lastek Lastifil 41G
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