LASTEK 11017C small

Lastek 11017C

Good toughness at temperatures as low as -45°C

EN ISO 14341-A (G 50 4 C1/M21 G3Ni1)
AWS A5.28 (ER80S-G)

General description:

TIG rod with 1%Ni for joining low-alloyed steel with good impact properties below zero °C. Applications from -45°C up to 400°C.

Typical applications:

Welding fine grained steel in offshore applications, crane building, pipelines, machine parts, shipbuilding. TStE355 – P355NL1, TStE460 – P460NL1, N-AXTRA55 – 63, and so on.

Typical chemical composition of all-weld-metal:

CSiMnNiP & SAlCuCrZr+Ti

Typical mechanical properties of all-weld-metal:

≥560 Mpa≥650 Mpa≥ 24%≥ 47 J (-40°C)


Preheating and post weld-heat treatment depending on the analysis of the parent metal (Preheat
generally 150°C).

Packaging information:

2,0mm x 1000mm x 2,5kg -ArticleNo.:ER80SG-20
2,4mm x 1000mm x 2,5kg -ArticleNo.:ER80SG-24

Other dimensions and packaging on request.


Lastek 11017C,
English, 03.12.2019.