BA-WIRE 309L small


Solid SAW wire

EN ISO 14343-A – S 23 12 L
SFA-5.9 / AWS A5.9 – ER309L

General description:

BA-WIRE 309L is a submerged arc welding wire suitable for joining stainless Cr-Ni steels type 309, Cr-steels and dissimilar steels like austenitic stainless steels to mild or low-alloyed steels, buffer layers and overlays on C-Mn, mild steel or low alloy steels and for joining 304L/321. Also recommended for welding12%Cr ferritic steels.

Typical chemical composition:

See product datasheet.

Base materials:

• Dissimilar joints between mild steels, low alloy steels, high tensile low alloy steels, ferritic Cr steels, austenitic Cr-Ni steels and manganese steels. Surfacing/overlay for the first layer.
Suitable fluxes: BF 38, WP 380

Flux type suitability is strongly dependent on its application. In combination with the wire electrode the most suitable flux should match the requirements of the plate material as closely as possible under the existing welding conditions. Further information can be obtained from the technical flux data sheets.

Packaging information:

3,2mm x 25,0kg spool -ArticleNo.:11704032

Other dimensions and packaging on request.