Storage and handling small

Lagerung und Handhabung – Hochlegierte WIG-Stäbe

NST high alloyed MIG/TIG wires.

Method of storage:

To ensure that the wire is used at its optimum performance the following guidelines should be observed: • The welding materials should be stored inside, away from rain, snow and dew.
• The welding materials should be stored off the floor, preferably on wooden pallets which enable air circulation to take place (10cm off the floor, and 10cm off the wall).
• It is desirable to store materials places where the temperature is below 50°C and the relative humidity is less than 80%.
• Environments with sea breeze, SO2 gas etc., should be avoided.
• A plan should be devised to use materials on a first in, first out basis.
• The packaging shipped from the manufacturer should be kept intact until just before use.

Storage period - quality guarantee period:

The quality guarantee period of NST MIG/TIG wires is 5 years after production, provided that the products have been stored under the correct conditions specified above in “methods of storage”. Please note that these products can be used even after the duration of the above mentioned guarantee period if no physical or chemical changes such as discoloration is observed on the surface of the wires.


A visual wire inspection should be performed before use to check for discoloration. When discoloration is observed the wire should be disposed of.


Storage and handling,
NST high alloyed MIG/TIG wires.
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