NST TIG 316LSi small


TIG-rod for stainless steel welding.

AWS: A5.9 ER 316LSi
EN ISO 14343: 2009 19 12 3 LSi

General description:

NST TIG 316LSi is used for welding of “stainless” materials as AISI 316L, EN 14404 and similar. Argon or Argon/Helium mix is used as the shielding gas. The TIG-rod is used for manual welding of both pipes and plates. Level of gas flow depends upon diameter and specific application. The filler rod ensures a crack resistant Austenitic weld metal with some Ferrite content (typical 4-10%). The rod is also suitable for welding Ni and Titanium stabilized steels with operating temperatures up to 400°C. The TIG-rods are supplied colour coded in blue with the AWS designation embossed, according to the requirement of the NORSOK standard. ”Purity” is the keyword when welding high alloyed materials. Impurities in the weld, will cause porosity. Welding of pipes require use of purge gas in order to ensure a stainless root face of the weld. Inter-pass temperature should not exceed 150°C, and heat input should not exceed 2.5kJ/mm.

Chemical composition of welding wire:


Typical mechanical properties of all-weld-metal:

414 Mpa592 Mpa40 %

Packaging information:

1,0mm x 1000mm x 5kg -ArticleNo.:1461037
1,0mm x 500mm x 2,5kg -ArticleNo.:1460537
1,2mm x 1000mm x 5kg -ArticleNo.:1461038
1,2mm x 500mm x 2,5kg -ArticleNo.:1460538
1,6mm x 1000mm x 5kg -ArticleNo.:1461039
1,6mm x 500mm x 2,5kg -ArticleNo.:1460539
2,0mm x 1000mm x 5kg -ArticleNo.:1461040
2,0mm x 500mm x 2,5kg -ArticleNo.:1460540
2,4mm x 1000mm x 5kg -ArticleNo.:1461041
2,4mm x 500mm x 2,5kg -ArticleNo.:1460541
3,2mm x 1000mm x 5kg -ArticleNo.:1461042
4,0mm x 1000mm x 5kg -ArticleNo.:1461043




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