WEL TIG SuperDuplex 329J4L small


The TIG-rod which gives you documented Super Duplex properties.

EN ISO 14343-A: W 25 9 4 N L

General description:

WEL TIG 329J4L is used for welding of Super Duplex materials as SAF2507, Zeron 100 and similar. Normally, Argon or Argon/N2 mix are used as the shielding gas. The TIG-rod is used for manual welding of both pipes and plates. Level of gas flow depends upon the TIG-rod diameter and the specific application. The balance of Austenite and Ferrite in the weld metal will depend upon welding parameters, choice of gas and rate of cooling. The TIG-rods are supplied colour coded in green and with the brand name embossed, according to the requirements of the NORSOK standard. ”Purity” is the keyword when welding high alloyed materials. Impurities in the weld, will cause porosity. Welding of pipes require use of purge gas in order to ensure a stainless root face of the weld. Please contact us for further details on purge equipment. Inter-pass temperature should not exceed 150°C, and heat input should not exceed 1.5kJ/mm.

Chemical composition of welding wire:


Mechanical properties of all-weld-metal:

Min.550 MpaMin.800 MpaMin.25 %Min.45V(J)/-46ºC

Packaging information:

1,6mm x 500mm x 2,5kg -ArticleNo.:1460560
1,6mm x 1000mm x 5,0kg -ArticleNo.:1461060
2,0mm x 500mm x 2,5kg -ArticleNo.:1460561
2,0mm x 1000mm x 5,0kg -ArticleNo.:1461061
2,4mm x 500mm x 2,5kg -ArticleNo.:1460562
2,4mm x 1000mm x 5,0kg -ArticleNo.:1461062


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